March 31st, 2013


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You've forgotten

You've forgotten. You've forgotten that the reason the eggs are hidden is not so that children will find them, but as distractions, for he is drawn to the brightly colored eggs and if he spies them he will seek them out instead of coming for the children.

You think that the effigy's you devour are merely candy, instead of wards to protect your soul and body, that by consuming him in spirit you take on some of his essence, thus confusing his powers to find you. You've forgotten.

You think that the reason why pastel colors are "Easter colors" because of some lame societal desire for pale coloration, rather than an attempt to make you as much of a drab and undesirable target as possible, like a tropical bird's plumage in reverse.

He didn't forget. He will never forget. And that is why he comes...for you.

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