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Ok, it's only day five of 2010 and I think we have an honest contender for KING OF DICK MOVES 2010.

Scene: Dublin.
Situation: Men arrest traveler with explosives in his luggage.
Important Details: Slovaakian authorities planted the explosives in his luggage, without his knowledge, to test airport security.

Even better? The explosives were one of eight pieces of contraband they just decided to litter people's luggage with.

Wow...just...wow. They're lucky that guy didn't get shot.

Back from the test...and my child is a pain in the ass

We went for the amneo today and...well, things appear better.

Dr. Crite was right up front with us and told us that after last time she expected us to come and the baby to be dead, which is something Michelle and I were both afraid of but was a little shocking to hear the doctor say so plainly, but the kid was very much alive and active. Heart rate is good (doctor said "strong" multiple times which to my lack of medical training sounds positive considering the possible issues), bone structure is good, and they did some weird scan to show the kidney function and the blood circulation and that looks good.

The other good news was that the cyst has gone down by .2cm (it had been at 1cm) around the head and neck and has not progressed any further down the body. The visual scans of the child were to look for the secondary characteristics of Downs and she didn't see any but did advise us that they only appear in 50% of cases at this point of pregnancy so that might not mean anything. I'm too much a gamer and I keep trying to work the numbers in my head but, unfortunately, I can't min max my child.

But the doctor offered us hope and said that she was encouraged by today.

The reason why my kid is a PitA was that while the doctor was doing the amneo, the kid moved over, reached up, and put it's finger over the tip of the needle, effectively blocking it like putting your thumb over the end of a straw which meant that the procedure took twice as long because the kid wanted to be difficult. Yes, I might be attributing motives to a child that aren't there but, come on, this is mine and Michelle's kid we're talking about.

The doctor also used a lot of female pronouns. Michelle and I forgot to ask if she saw something and didn't tell us or she's just using female proper pronouns, so I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that we might be having a female product of Michelle and I.

If that's the case, I'm fucking doomed.

So, good news today. We have two weeks until the results of the amneo are back and we know if it is a chromosomal issue or if we rolled really poorly and then really well. After that we wait until January 19th at 3pm to do a 20 week ultrasound where we will learn the child's gender and get a good look at the heart. We aren't out of the woods yet, so please keep the good vibes coming.

Michelle is choosing to live with hope, I'm going to try and do the same.


A San Jose man has been arrested by Morgan Hill police in connection with an alleged November sexual assault on a 16 year old student.

Police said Jason Mendoza, 36, met the boy from Gilroy at a Denny's Restaurant on Nov. 26. The boy had known Mendoza for a few years and agreed to go with him to his San Jose apartment.

I know that guy. He used to be in the LARP circles around here, I originally met him in Santa Carla By Night back in Santa Cruz, and well, I'm not entirely surprised if it's true. Jason always liked the younger boys, he used to flirt a lot with me when I was twenty and new to the LARP (I looked a lot younger then) and always had kids in their teenage years around him. He didn't do anything with me, didn't do anything with my brother as far as I know, but as I got older he stopped talking to me (same with my brother) and I started getting the creepy vibe off him more and more.

A friend knows his room mate and was told that the kid claimed to be 18 but if the kid's from Gilroy then there's a good chance he worked for Mendoza at the cornfield maze/haunt attraction he used to put on and, if so, then Jason should've known how old the kid was (especially since he's apparently known him for "years" according to the article).

Can December fucking end now? Pretty pretty please?


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Home from Dickens and the cocktail party.

The cocktail party was a lot of fun as it usually is though I didn't get a chance to talk to many people like Mark or Martin and Natasha, which is a shame.

Fair today wasn't bad, per se, but I'm definitely really down at the moment; not sure if it's coming down from the party last night or the booze. *sigh* Not dealing well at the moment so I'm glad I decided to sit fair out tomorrow, even if it does mean I miss the single stick tournament.

How do you tell people, when you're in a large group, when they mention happily you're expecting that...well, you're not? *shakes head*

Thank you to everyone, last night and today, you were pretty much perfect in what I needed. Special thanks to djehutysherit, kakizaki_b, redminx and redredgroovy. You know why.

Yeah, I can see this guy doing that.

Maybe it was the grocery store, the mall, or a restaurant, but we've all been in a place at some point where someone else's kid started misbehaving. Maybe they're running around uncontrolled like their pants are on fire, maybe they're having a temper-tantrum and screaming their little heads off, but this is something we've each encountered at some point and we all react differently. Some of us chose to walk away, others ignore it. A few people might complain to the management and try to have the situation handled by the establishment.

However, even among those on my friends list who absolutely loathe children, I don't think any of us would think it ok to slap a complete stranger's kid in the face four or five times. And the kid in question? A two-year old.

Judging by this guy's mug shot I'd expect he's the type to keep any balls that might land in his yard or scream at kids to shut up and get off his lawn. The "best" part of this is the fact the idiot actually admitted that he slapped the kid to the police officer.

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