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Open Letters: "There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women."

Dear Whoopi,

When a person, whether it's a forty-nine year-old woman or a thirteen year-old girl, says no and says she doesn't want to, when that person has been given drugs and alcohol so that they are impaired, whether or not they are "aware", then it is "rape-rape".

He plead guilty to a lesser charge of sex with a minor because of the plea bargain and was charged with a whole host of other things before that.

This makes me sick.

ETA: Apparently, being called out on her comments, Whoopi said she was speaking only about the charge and is not a supporter of Polanski. Riiiight.


Open Letters: Been a while since I did one of these...

Dear Skyler,

When answering the phones at the front desk I'm generally put off to see the title of "Unknown Number" listed in my caller ID and this time was no exception. Sometimes Unknown Numbers happen to belong to doctor's offices and other clients of Super Cool Company but more often than not the people blocking their number are recruiters, sales people, or telemarketers so an Unknown Number usually means trouble for me. This case, Skyler, was no exception.

Please, Skyler, allow me to offer you some advice:
1. Do not, when calling a potential client, start your phone call with, "Hey. What's up, dude?" First of all, it's immature. Secondly, it's not professional. Third, it assumes a level of familiarity that does not, in fact, exist. You want to make me more at ease, not more annoyed, and refering to me as "dude" made my opinion of you drop below the very neutral zero mark that it started at.
2. Asking for "that lady [staffing manager name]'s"? Yeah...see point one above regarding maturity and professionalism. Talking about one of my coworkers like she's some fine honey you're scoping out to give your digits to, something I imagine you consider often, doesn't endear me to you.
3. Saying things like "Well, I guess that's how the cookie bounces." further increaes the negative opinion I have of you. Mixing your metaphors, Skyler? Really, Skyler? Really?

Skyler, I understand that you may not be a popped-collar, fake-baking young man but you certainly gave that impression. I do hope that, in the future, someone schools you on how to actually be a real grown up in the professional work place.