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Attention! Godwin is in play! I repeat: Godwin in play

The pope's personal preacher compares anti-Semitism and the suffering of the Jews to what is going on now with the Catholic Church.

Because being part of a a group of people getting called out on on their child-molesting, child-molesting covering up ways IS TOTALLY LIKE SUFFERING THROUGH CENTURIES OF OPPRESSION AND THE HOLOCAUST.


Are you shitting me?

Ren's Rants: The Catholic Church

At the moment I'm getting pretty disgusted with the Catholic Church.

As more and more cases of world-wide abuse surface, what with Ireland's abuse finally being officially recognized, abuses in Germany, France, Wisconsin and now even in Mexico, a predominantly Catholic country, we've been shown signs and evidence of more cover-ups, failed responsibility, and putting the safety and comfort of abusers above the safety and lives of children. In each case there's been evidence of cover-up as priests are moved around, internal charges dismissed by higher-ups, and ignoring the recommendations of psychologists and other professionals. In the case of Wisconsin the priest in question wrote to Ratzinger to say he'd asked for God's forgiveness and begged Ratzinger to intercede by dismissing a church trial to investigate the allegations of him abusing children (and possible censure and punishment).

Aw, he said he was sorry and so he didn't get punished for molesting over 200 children, deaf children. Two hundred lives irrevocably altered by that monster and he gets off scott-free by his superiors because he prayed to their god and asked Ratzinger to intercede.

Ratzinger, or someone he was responsible for, did intercede, telling the diocese of Wisconsin to not hold the trial; there was no church trial and the guy got away with it, regardless of whether or not he died a few months later.

All of this is coming to light and what do we get? Yes, the pope has said he's very sorry, that he's working very hard on this issue of the fact that priests are molesting children but, you know what? Isn't this the same man who was head of the modern Inquisition, the man whose office was responsible for moving a priest in Germany after it was believed he'd molested some boys and was notified that he'd resumed priestly activities? The same man who was then convicted of molesting children a few years later?

Yeah, I'm sorry, but an apology from a guy like that carries as much water with me as cullender.

People, finally I think, are waking up to the fact that this wasn't just an "American" problem like it was believed to be a few years ago, that this is, in fact, a systemic issue with examples across the globe. People are starting to ask questions and I think it's appalling what the Church's response has been.

In response to a lawyer wanting to question the pope in regards to particular molestation cases the Church argues that the pope has immunity in such trials as a head of state. In other articles Ratzinger's replacement passes the buck from the office who was in charge of handling abuse cases back to the dioceses who reported the issues. Crazier voices in the church are trying to claim it's all the devil's fault that people are daring to question the Church. What's the church's response to allegations that a priest, now bishop, abused children at a church-run home> To call such allegations as ridiculous. Considering the admission by the church of so much other abuse, after blanket-denying there was a problem, does anyone else see an issue with such a casual dismissal of such claims?

Article after article from the church that boils down to "How dare you hold the head of the organization responsible for what the organization does!" I'm sorry, but if I do something stupid at work people would and should go to my superior as they are the one responsible and if the man who is now pope was the person in charge of examining the scores of abuse cases that are now being acknowledged as being handled incompetently, then we should hold him responsible and demand answers from him; doubly so now that he's the head of everything Catholic.

Here's the thing that gets me: in the third article Cardinal Levada talks about all the abuse cases he handles and what I want to know is how many of those cases have been handed over to civil authorities for investigation? How many possible molesters are out there that the church knows about who haven't been reported to the police? It's the police, not the church, that is to investigate and identify crime. If the church wants to have its own pointless trials to decide what it does as a body to the priest in question as it stands to that person remaining a priest, fine, but that should never replace the involvement of the authorities in the protection of people.

For all of the good that the Church has done and does, they aren't winning any sympathy or credit with me on this topic. The Church should be doing everything in its power to give the authorities information on the priests who have and do molest children but it seems that they're more interested in trying to do damage control over their already soiled reputation in this regard. An apology without action is so much hot air over your lungs and thus far all I'm seeing are apologies and promises to do better in the future. Question is, didn't they promise to protect those kids in the first place?

Ren's Rants: "BUT WE'RE HELPING?!"

Unless you've been living under a rock the last few weeks you know that Haiti is, in a word, fucked.

Pat Robertson's ridiculous claims of deals with the devil aside, the country is suffering ways I can't even express. The death toll is outrageous and complications with the situation are making it so that help, actual help, can't even get there; I've read reports that, because of the size and damage to the airport in Haiti that planes full of supplies are being turned away because they can't land.

How shitty is that to look up and see planes that have doctors, medicine, food, and water on them circling for hours only to fly away?

Then you throw in the fact that everyone there is suffering to the point that things are desperate and dangerous. Food distribution is difficult because everyone is hungry, everyone is starving, and starving people, especially those with families, aren't known to wait patiently in a queue for a cup of rice.

Making matters worse we have Christians adding more crap to the blockage of aid to Haiti by sending solar-powered Bibles. People are starving to death and these people think, "Nothing says 'converts' like deep, personal tragedy!"

Then there's the Scientologists. six_gun_samurai put up a link to a first-hand account of these absolute asshats in action. People are suffering over there and they want to try the old "laying on hands" trick?

However, none of this makes me want to shout "FLAMES! FLAMES ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE!" like the group of Baptists who tried to saveKIDNAP thirty-three children out of Haiti and take them to the Dominican Republic. Oh, sure, the woman in charge of the group says that, oh no, they'd neeeeeever be part of child trafficking (except for that whole not having permission to take the children out of the country, which is pretty much what child trafficking is) but then we find out that not is it being discovered that some of the children aren't orphans but they apparently made matters worse; some of the kids, when retaken, didn't have food, water, or even clothing. Some Christians.

To top it off, the orphanage they were setting up? Yeah, more like a kid distribution center. Thanks to karnythia for that one.

God damn it, it should be criminal for people to "help" like this.